Support for the implementation of the transition process:

  • To expedite the re-establishment of constitutional order and implementation of the Libreville agreements by identifying, facilitating, and coordinating regular communication between all relevant Central African, regional, and international stakeholders and providing strategic advice, technical assistance, and support to the ongoing political process, transitional institutions and
    Authorities and their implementation mechanisms;
  • To take a leading role in working with the Transitional Authorities, relevant stakeholders, regional actors and the international community to devise and facilitate the political transition process and to provide technical assistance in support of the process;
  • To assist in reconciliation efforts, at both the national and local levels, including through inter-religious dialogue and truth and reconciliation mechanisms working with relevant Transitional Authorities and relevant regional bodies;
  • To make all necessary preparations, in support of the Transitional Authorities and working on an urgent basis with the National Electoral Authority, for the holding of free and fair elections, including the effective participation of women, as soon as possible, but no later than February 2015 and, if possible, in the second half of 2014, including by providing an urgent assessment of the
    financial, technical, and logistical needs for the electoral process;

 Support for conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance:

  • To exercise good offices, confidence-building and facilitation in order to anticipate, prevent, mitigate and resolve conflict and facilitate the safe, civilian-led delivery of humanitarian assistance, in accordance with United Nations guiding principles of humanitarian assistance;
  • To help coordinate humanitarian assistance;

Extension of State authority:

  • To promote and support the rapid restoration of state authority over the whole territory of the country;
  • To assist CAR’s governmental institutions, including through technical assistance, to increase their capacity to perform basic government functions and deliver basic services to the Central African people;

Support for the stabilization of the security situation:

  • To support the stabilization of the security situation by advising on and providing technical assistance in support of security sector governance and reform (SSR), rule of law (including police, justice and corrections), disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) — as well as repatriation (DDRR) in the case of foreign fighters — of combatants, including of all children associated with armed forces and groups, and mine action, including clearance of explosive remnants of war;
  • To finalize, working with the Transitional Authorities and in consultation with MISCA and the French Forces, a comprehensive strategy for DDR and DDRR, and to support its implementation, including through technical assistance and by coordinating support from regional and international stakeholders;

Promotion and protection of human rights:

  • To monitor, help investigate and report to the Council on violations of international humanitarian law and on abuses and violations of human rights committed throughout the CAR, including any committed by the LRA, and to contribute to efforts to identify perpetrators, and to prevent such violations and abuses;
  • To monitor, help investigate and report to the Council, specifically on violations and abuses committed against children as well as violations committed against women including all forms of sexual violence in armed conflict, including through the deployment of child protection advisers and
    women protection advisers;
  • To help strengthen the capacities, including through technical assistance, of the national judicial system, including transitional justice mechanisms, and of the national human rights institutions and assist with national reconciliation efforts, coordinating with the International Commission of Inquiry as well as the Independent Expert, as appropriate;