Press Statements: Security Council


  • SC/11394: 13 May 20134 [ The members of the Security Council strongly condemned the killing of a French journalist near Bouar, Central African Republic, on 13 May.]


  • SC/11093: 14 August 2013 [expressing deep concern at the security situation in the Central African Republic, characterized by a total breakdown in law and order, and the absence of the rule of law.]
  • SC/10993:  29 April 2013  

    [expressing strong concern at the worsening humanitarian and security situation, and the weakening of the Central African Republic institutions.]

  • SC/10960: 25 March 2013 

    [strongly condemning the recent attacks and the seizure of power by force in the Central African Republic on 24 March 2013 by the Seleka coalition, as well as the ensuing violence and looting.]

  • SC/10955: 22 March 2013 

    [condemning all attempts to undermine the stability of the Central African Republic and urging all parties to cease hostilities immediately.]

  • SC/10948: 20 March 2013 

    [condemning the attacks by rebels from the Seleka coalition, in particular in Bangassou and the surrounding region, and the threat of a resumption of hostilities.]

  • SC/10880: 11 January 2013 

    [welcoming the negotiations held in Libreville 8-11 January 2013 and the signature of the declaration of principle, the ceasefire agreement and the political agreement on the resolution of the crisis, in Libreville on 11 January 2013.]

  • SC/10877 : 4 January 2013 

    [calling again on all parties to seek a peaceful solution by engaging constructively, without preconditions, and in good faith in the negotiations to be held in Libreville beginning 8 January under the auspices of the ECCAS.]