Security Council Resolutions


28 January 2014 [S/RES/2134 (2014]
The Security Council unanimously decides to extend the mandate of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in the Central African Republic (BINUCA) until 31 January 2015 and authorize the use of force by European Union troops.

5 December 2013 [S/RES/2127 (2013]

Security Council, unanimously adopting resolution 2127 (2013), authorizes both the deployment of the African-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic, known as MISCA, and the French troops already stationed in the country to support, by all necessary measures, the Mission in discharging its mandate. The Council mandates MISCA to help protect civilians, stabilize the country and restore State authority over the territory, as well as create conditions conducive to the provision of humanitarian assistance. It also requests the Secretary-General to undertake contingency preparations for the possible transformation of the Mission into a United Nations peacekeeping operation, stressing that a future decision by the Council would be required to establish such a presence.

10 October 2013 [S/RES/2121 (2013]

Security Council, unanimously adopting resolution 2121 (2013) and deeply concerned over the total breakdown in law and order in the Central African Republic and the consequences of such instability for the region, the Security Council decides to reinforce BINUCA, expressing its readiness to consider “appropriate measures” against those fuelling violence, and to update BINUCA’s mandate in five key areas:  support for implementation of the transition process; support for conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance; support for stabilization of the security situation; promotion and protection of human rights; and coordination of international actors. It underscores the primary duty of authorities in the CAR to protect the population and ensure the unity of the national territory and demands that elements of the Séléka coalition and other armed groups immediately lay down their arms, urging them to participate in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes.

24 January 2013 [S/RES/2088 (2013)]

The Security Council, unanimously adopting resolution 2088 (2013), extends the mandate of BINUCA until 31 January 2014, with a strong emphasis on restoring security to that country seeking to recover from the ruins of decades of instability, as well as a recent month-long crisis during which rebel groups had advanced on the capital before being halted by a ceasefire and other agreements. It welcomes the signature in Libreville on 11 January of the declaration of principle, the ceasefire and political agreements on the resolution of the crisis, and calls on the Government, Séléka Coalition, armed groups and democratic opposition to abide by their commitments. The Council requests BINUCA to work with the parties to facilitate the full implementation of the Libreville agreements and to continue to support the peacebuilding processes, as provided in its current mandate, as well as to support the efforts of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS). 



21 December 2011 [S/RES/2031 (2011)]
25 May 2010 [S/RES/1923 (2010)]

12 May 2010 [S/RES/1922 (2010)]

21 December 2009 [S/PRST/2009/35]
14 January 2009 [S/RES/1861 (2009)]

24 September 2008 [S/RES/1834 (2008)]
25 September 2007 [S/RES/1778 (2007)]