Return to normalcy in Bangui, but situation remains fragile

20 Dec 2013

Return to normalcy in Bangui, but situation remains fragile

19 December 2013 - There is a return to normalcy in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), but the situation remains fragile and unpredictable.

That's according to Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye, UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Central African Republic (CAR).

Armed clashes had erupted between Christians and Muslims in Bangui where they launched reprisal attacks against each other in and around the city.

Speaking to UN Radio on Thursday, Lt. General Gaye said a disarmament exercise is ongoing.

"What is absolutely clear and obvious is that there is a return to normalcy in Bangui. It does not mean unfortunately that people are still not suffering in the country because we have 40,000 IDPs around the airport, we have 40,000 IDPs in Bossangua in the Archbishop's compound. But at least there is no more fighting in Bangui and the disarmament is ongoing."

United Nations agencies report that the humanitarian situation in the impoverished nation of 4.6 million people is deteriorating, with 600 people killed and 210,000 others in Bangui driven from their homes.

Source: UN Radio